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May 24, 2020 | DWGHA News | 1816 views
A Message From the President
Hello Durham West Lightning Families,

The status of the return to hockey remains unknown.  This could change at any time but as of now there are no firm answers, timelines or any other absolutes. 

To pull on a familiar quote now is a time to:   

Keep Calm And Carry On 

That is, keep doing what you are doing while waiting for firm news. Avoid falling into speculation and conjecture. 

There will be reports on ideas that have been proposed but there have been no firm decisions made.  People are working on all levels to ensure your safety and a proper return to hockey.  Considerations are intended to prepare for a system that will not only set us up to start  the season but enable us to remain safe and viable throughout. 

We really do not want to have a false start and have to repeat this process.  

-(WHO) World Health Organization 

-Canadian Health Authorities   --  -- Hockey Canada

-Provincial Health Authorities -- -- OWHA

-Municipal Health Authorities(Facilities (arenas)) -- -- Durham West Girls Hockey Association

-Local Teams

The above is a visual showing how the edicts and information will filter down.  The WHO will determine policies which will be implemented as we go down this list. No-one will act until the higher authorities have given direction. Once it filters down to the OWHA then Durham West will direct our coaches and administrators accordingly.  In coordination with this, facilities (arenas) will have their own hierarchy to adhere to and will only open if proven that they can do so safely.  EVERYTHING is based on safety.  (A pertinent issue is the procurement of PPE - As long as there is a shortage for the hospitals there will not be appropriate PPE available for our facilities to open)  Everyone involved in the problem solving process wants hockey to return, not only safely, but as close to the previous product as possible.  All the levels of authority are working together, requesting information and are evolving in tandem with the evolution of the Covid-19 virus.  The end goal is returning to social interactions that resemble what we are used to while being viable for the long term. 

Both the cities of Ajax and Pickering have declared that they will pass on any pertinent information as soon as they receive it.  We will post this on our site immediately.  

One thing we can keep an eye on is the potential return of NHL playoff hockey.  The relative success of this venture will speak volumes to the possible success of a return to minor hockey.  

In the meantime, with the loss of school activities and summer events our number one priority is to encourage our children to find ways to stay fit and even more poignantly strive for increased fitness.  It will be a great life lesson to find out how important it is to be self-driven in the area of lifelong fitness and health.  

We will update as information becomes available.

All the best in health and wellness,

Evan Jones
President DWGHA