2018 Pink Games (Durham West Girls Hockey)

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The DWGHA would like to thank all of our teams for fully embracing Breast Cancer Awareness Month and scheduling a 'Pink Game' to promote awareness in our community and beyond.  

We're happy to announce that as an association, we raised a total $7246.55! 

Congratulations to Bantam A1 for taking 1st place in our fundraising contest with a total of $3110.65! 

We look forward to October 2019 to make this event bigger and better than ever! 

Here are the highlights from 2018!

Novice A

The Novice A team held their pink the rink game on Sunday, October 21.

The girls had a great time selling 50/50 tickets and lollipops and managed to raise $165 to go towards breast cancer awareness. 

We also sold 23 pink shirts, bringing in $115. Their total contribution was: $280.


Atom BB

The Atom BB team held their charity game on Saturday, October 13th - the girls had a wonderful time making signs, baking, and hustling hard to raise as much money as they could. 

It was a total team effort, siblings and parents all contributed to our event and we are proud to say that they raised $560 from our activities, then an additional $75 from the 15 pink shirts the team bought. $635.00 in total!


Atom AA

The Atom AA team held their Pink Game on October 21 vs. Leaside. Thanks to all the parents, players and coaches for their support.


Peewee B

The Peewee B team held their Pink Game on October 17 and took the show on the road to Uxbridge Arena to raise awareness for Breast Cancer Research. 

Thank you to the players, parents and coaches of the North Durham Blades for accommodating our team and allowing them wear Pink in their barn.


Peewee A

To raise awareness of breast cancer, the Peewee A team proudly wore the pink jerseys at Etobicoke’s Pink the Rink Tournament on October 12-14, as well as at their home game on October 28. 

Players, coaches and parents purchased pink t-shirts and wore them to games and practices during the entire month. They raised $150.00 through the sale of the t-shirts. 


Peewee AA


Bantam B

The Bantam B Girls were proud to wear the DWGHA Pink Jersey’s to support Breast Cancer Awareness.  Their team participated in the Clearview “Get Your Pink On in the Valley” Tournament and the girls gave it their all and played hard.  

While at the tournament many of their families supported the cause purchasing silent auction tickets, bake sale items  etc.  The team sported the Pink Jersey’s at two league home games in October and we were victorious in both.  The city but a kibosh on their bake sale plans but a member of their team sold “Calendars for the Cause” and raised $155 supporting Breast Cancer!


Bantam A1

This year, the Bantam A1 team had a huge commitment from both parents and players. They held a bake sale, sold bracelets and held a 50/50 draw during their Pink Game on Sunday, October 7. They also has a corporate donation and held a coaches challenge and money was donated for each goal, assist and shutout during the month of October.  Bantam A1 raised a total of $3010.65 and was the team that raised the most money for this great cause. Thank you to all players, coaches and parents! 


Midget B

Midget B held their Pink Game on Sunday October 28 and held a 50/50 draw and raised $160 to support breast cancer research! Thanks Midget B!


Midget A

The Midget A team decided to raise funds by collecting money for every goal scores and for every shutout. Luckily, they had a great month of October and raised $900! 

Midget AA

The Midget AA team raised $1268 for the DWGHA Breast Cancer Awareness campaign.

Their team and family members donated money based on goals and shut outs our team posted during the month of October.