Awards (Durham West Girls Hockey)

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The following awards are presented annually to members of the Durham West Girls' Hockey Association (DWGHA) in recognition of their achievements and/or contribution:

Sears' Memorial Award
The Sears’ Memorial was first awarded at the end of the 1998-1999 season.
It is to commemorate the lives of Andrew and Rebecca Sears. Two children who left us well before their time. Their parents were strong volunteers with DWGHA since it’s inception.
It is presented to a Tyke or Novice player in House League who best exemplifies Andrew and Rebecca. The two young children of Rick and Sharon Sears who fought valiantly to defeat their illness. Their strength and spirit brought the people around them closer together in a common goal and they encouraged all by their example.
The player to receive this award should be someone who is respected by her teammates and coaches, demonstrates a willingness to work hard and encourage others by their words and actions. This player may not excel in the game of hockey, but their tenacity towards achieving their personal best is admired by all.
Each Novice team selects one player and the Director of House League confirms the winner.
Congratulations to the following Sears Memorial Award recipients:

2014-2015  Katie Collumb
  Sydney Rankin
2012-2013  Sara Ryan
2011-2012  Kiley Mahoney
2010-2011  Madelaine Micciola
2009-2010  Madison Capuccetti
2008-2009  Karlie Burry
2007-2008  Julia Harvey
2006-2007  Sydney Wells
2005-2006  Lauren Crummey
2004-2005  Christina Calderon
2003-2004  Nicole Smith
2002-2003  Nicole Bishop
2001-2002  Kaitlin Fredericks
2000-2001  Melanie Grant
Julianne Lindeblom
1998-1999  Kirsten Roach

The Tom Friel Memorial Award
This award was first introduced in 2000 and was presented at the Annual General Meeting. The first recipient was Art Carefoote, the DWGHA founder and first president. It was first introduced to recognize volunteers who were worthy in that particular year.
Tom Friel was a father of 4 girls whom all played in DWGHA. Tom and his wife were huge supporters and also always ran our canteen during the entire DWGHA rep tournament. Tom died suddenly of a heart attack (in 1999) while playing soccer with one of his girls. He was greatly missed.
Presented annually to a DWGHA member who gives their time unselfishly and exemplifies the spirit of volunteerism.
Congratulations to the Tom Friel Memorial Award recipients:

2014-2015  Wayne McDonald
2013-2014  Jim Gooding; Gerry St. Germain; Tom McLean
2012-2013  Dave Welsh
2011-2012  Teresa Muto - VP of Sponsorship 2003-2004, Director of Senior Ladies 2004-2007, President 2007-2011
2010-2011  Bruno Michlits - Director of Equipment 2002-2010
2009-2010  Paul Gee- Webmaster 2009-2013
2008-2009  Patty Davis - Secretary 1997-2001 & 2006-2008, Director of Rep 2008-2010, Senior Ladies Convenor 2011-2013
2007-2008  Sue Caggiula - VP of Bingo 2003-2008, Registrar 2003-2009, Director of Ice Management 2009-2010 (4 mos)
2006-2007  Brian Boynton - Tournament Statistician 2001-2007, VP of Hockey Development 2004-2007
2005-2006  Don Fraser - VP of Sponsorship 2001-2002, VP of Rep 2002-2004,  President 2004-2006, Past President 2006-2007, Director of Sponsorship & Publicity 2008-2009, Past President 2009-2011, President 2011- 2012, Past President 2012-2016
2004-2005  Richard Sabourin - President 2000-2004 & 2006-2007, Past President 2007-2009   
2003-2004  Andrea Bateman- Treasurer 2001-2004
2002-2003  Dino Caggiula - VP of Ice Management 1998-2008, Director of Hockey Advancement 2008-2010
2001-2002  Elaine Latchford - Director of Senior Ladies 1997-2004
2000-2001  Bill Williamson - President 1995-1999
1999-2000  Art Carefoote - President 1993-1995

The House League Volunteer of the Year Award

This award is presented annually to an individual who has dedicated his or her time unselfishly to the betterment of the DWGHA house league program.

Congratulations to the House League Volunteer of the Year Award recipients:

  Chris Tigert
Ian Davidson
2012-2013  Mark Lakics
2011-2012  Elliot Gunn
2010-2011  Steven Harvey
2009-2010  Paul Marubashi
Tonya Tewnion
2007-2008  Mike & Joan Cappa
2006-2007  Duncan Mathieson
2005-2006  Brian Boynton